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Learn all about the catalyst in living organisms, Enzymes

MODULE 1: Enzymes2 video lessons (25m 22s )

  • ENZYMES 2 +

    • In this eLearning module, you will learn about Enzymes Inhibition. Enzymes catalyze virtually every process in the cell. The catalytic activity of certain enzymes is altered by certain inorganic and organic molecules called modifiers. Compounds which convert the enzymes into inactive substances and it adversely affect the rate of enzyme-catalyzed reaction are called enzyme inhibitors. This process can be termed as enzyme inhibitions. Mainly there are two type of inhibitions reversible and irreversible.

  • EZYMES 3 +

    • In this eLearning module you will learn about Enzyme action and clinical significance. An enzyme attracts substrates to its active site, catalyzes the chemical reaction by which products are formed, and then allows the products to dissociate. Enzyme-catalyzed reactions occur in at least two steps. In the first step, an enzyme molecule (E) and the substrate molecule or molecules (S) collide and react to form an intermediate compound called the enzyme-substrate (E–S) complex.

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